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Prince Charles says Christian persecution in Middle East 'a tragedy'

After that, it was our faith that kept us here. People on the mainland called us home, but as Christians committed to the Gospel, we knew from the very beginning that ours was a mission of suffering, and that our lives might be threatened. There was no running away. The leaflets were published anonymously, but today we know who they are.

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But less than three months later, tragedy befell us and Father Evaristus Mushi was struck. Some man shot him that morning, when he was parked in front of his church. I drove to the other churches to say Mass; now that Father Mushi was dead, I had to carry out the mission of Christ alone. After we buried him and paid our last respects, a group of women came to our gates, crying.

Father Mushi is in heaven. She is crying because of you. There are Christians still here—why should their leaders run? The government took good care of us, but we knew, above all, that God protected us.

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When I was offered a bodyguard, I refused, believing that the work of Jesus did not require a machine gun; He promised his people that he would be with us until the end of time. He survived the attack but sustained major injuries. But through all these problems, we continue our interfaith work. We talk to people in the community, and we tell them that we believe God created us all and gave us the freedom to believe in whatever way we were taught.

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Yet in so proposing, DeGirolami is not simply commenting on the quandaries of practi- cal ethics, but describing what it means to act responsibly, to judge rightly and prudently, in a world defined by such limits. A jurisprudence grounded not in abstract principle, but in the lived experience of the world, cannot but confront the need to make tragic choices. Though DeGirolami never frames his account of tragedy on such express theological turns, an Augustinian impulse never seems far from the surface of his account. November 8, By Marc O.

DeGirolami in Marc O. Here is a bit from the review: If the book does not fully diagnose the problem, it is also arguable that the logic animating the method of tragedy and history does not fully respond to the present situation.

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