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The Washington Post. Archived from the original on 15 June Retrieved 3 September Philadelphia Media Network. Archived from the original on March 4, The Virginian-Pilot. European Court of Human Rights. Revenge IS best served cold! But, I digress So, we have Owen, our planner, and Avery - the owner of the pizza shop across the street from the Inn. They have known each other all of their lives and even were "engaged" when she was five and he was eight.

Inn BoonsBoro

Very cute. She was also the first girl he saw naked when their families vacationed together and she skinny-dipped at night - alone. He, luckily, happened to have brought a telescope on that trip. I charged Ry and Beck his brothers a buck a minute to use it. So sweet my teeth hurt. This was a very straightforward romance. Not much angst or drama. Just middle of the road. If you liked the first one, you'll like it. View all 6 comments. May 07, Heidi Rice rated it it was amazing.

Oh how I love Nora Roberts' books.. Let me count the ways! This is another of Ms Roberts's triumphs The second in the Inn at Boonsboro Trilogy in which three brothers who run their own construction company we're talking gorgeous men in toolbelts ladies!! The first book had the thoughtful and dreamy Bennett falling in love with Clare, widowed mum of three bo Oh how I love Nora Roberts' books.. The first book had the thoughtful and dreamy Bennett falling in love with Clare, widowed mum of three boisterous young boys.

This second book follows Clare's best-mate Avery MacTavish, pizza restaurateur and serial hair-dyer, and her journey to Love cap L with the man she has loved small l since she was about 5, namely middle brother Owen Montgomery. Owen is thoughtful, hot of course and a planner a serial-list maker. While Avery is all impulse and emotion hence the hair situation! Now some people have said this book was a little boring, because Owen and Avery's story is fairly comfortable, there's not a lot of conflict or 'big emotional moments' or 'wild tempestuous sex' or even 'incendiary sparring'.

Because right from the start of the book, these two love each other. They respect each other. And while the cap L love still sort of sneaks up on them, it's never in doubt that they are gonna make this work - despite Avery's issues with her mother who abandoned the family when she was 10 and Owen's issues with Well, I'm not really sure he has a lot of issues, except the need to plan everything a bit too carefully. But really the lack of fireworks didn't bother me a bit.

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The book wasn't the least bit boring, because it's so rich in character detail and community. I loved the way Avery and Owen dealt with each other with such wit and intelligence throughout the book.

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  • And I also loved the way in which they interacted with the other characters - Roberts does Male Banter brilliantly but she pretty much turns it into an art form in this book when the three brothers get together and talk sex, and ghosts and women There's also the beautiful lyricism of Roberts's writing and her scene-setting I want to visit that darn inn so much now - which is a pretty nifty marketing trick on her part because it does actually exist! Her books are always just so damn readable, I feel as if I'm slipping into the world these people inhabit as well as dipping into their lives and I love it.

    And if you're dead set on fireworks, don't forget to read the little taster at the end for the third and final story.

    I think we've got a great firework finale in store when Hope Clare and Avery's best mate and the Brothers' innkeeper gets together with surly, moody and magnetic brother Ryder. View all 5 comments. The angst level in this book is very low. I thought the relationship between Owen and Avery was sweet, well-paced and it felt natural. These two people have loved each other for so long, been close friends and seeing them fall in love was a nice progression.

    Owen is such a great guy, he already had me in his corner with his organized, planning self. He likes order and he likes to be prepared and along comes Avery, tossing some spontaneity into his life. Water sluiced over her, slicking her hair back. Her eyes, brilliantly blue now, stared into his, then went opaque as she shuddered. He plunged again, ripping a cry of pleasure from her, and still her eyes remained open and on his. They both held on. The family dynamic is front and center in not only this book, but the whole series. I wanted more time on page between Avery and Owen and less on the Inn and decorating.

    The Last Boyfriend (Audiobook) by Nora Roberts |

    My overall rating is 3 stars. I liked the characters minus the Inn and ghost and I thought the romance between Owen and Avery was incredibly sweet — watching these two go from friends to lovers.

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    View all 10 comments. It took Avery and Owen quite a lot time to be together and finally express the feelings they have for each other… A nice story, as sweet as the first one.. Christian Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: audio. They are there like you would imagine life happens. Audio Review MacLeod Andrews did a wonderful job with the narration. He used very different voices for each character which he carried through the series. Shelves: arc , adc-reviews , owned-copy , small-town-slice-of-life , contemporary-romance , part-of-a-series , reluctant-heroine , read-by-march , sky-s-the-limit-club , family.

    My review in thirty words or less: Nothing blew me away about this romance, although it had its charms. Readers who enjoy friends to lovers stories and romances focused on family and friends will probably enjoy it. Overall rating: 3. Less slow than book 1, but still, it's Nora Roberts for goodness sakes, so it's not exactly galloping along like a Michael Bay movie. It's more like if Bob Ross directed commercials for small-town inns. That's a compliment. Is La Nora losing her touch? Or is she just so in love with the idea of sharing her real-life inn with her readers that her story is suffering by comparison? Not only was the Inn the star of this book, but the main couple, Avery and Owen, were barely in focus.

    Somewhere in there, she and Owen moved from friends to lovers, but if you blink, you miss it. More detailed review here. Yes, girlfriend, we are making this a thing! She is consistently great, in every way. I can't recall offhand ever disliking one of her books.