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Likewise, the reason I warmed up to the female character is that, naive or not, she gives a shit about worldly politics.


That, more than the romance, gave her bonus points in my book. There are characters in this book from every station in life and the class politics are strong and well-explored and believable. In the second book we learn more about how the politics of the other realms affect each other and the characters.

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I am halfway through book 2 now and any mentions of romance are still only an underscore to the main story which is far more concerned with plot, character building, world building, politics, and action than romance, IMHO. I think the main difference between this book and male-targeted fantasy is that the female protagonists get to be real protagonists and are equal with the male characters, and that the point of view of the female protagonist is perhaps more relatable to young adult women than the relegated-to-a-side-character women in many male-targeted fantasy novels.

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Other than that the story itself is very strong and not a romance or a "girly" book. I'd say it's well balanced, gender-wise, and probably more suited to male fantasy readers than the average female-authored fantasy; there ARE female protagonists and girly things but they don't take up more than their fair share of the story; one person replied that there is a lot of fanservice but IMHO there is no more fanservice for girls in this book than there is fanservice for guys in male-authored fantasy, and it goes the other way around too since there is a male protagonist as well as a female one; in fact, the only one who has sex is the male character and it's with a side character it's non-graphic, and not a lot of words are wasted on it and it's neither objectifyingly casual nor particularly romantic.

The female character only gets some kissing scenes but they actually relate to the plot later down the line. I still think it's worth it for the rest of it because the story and character backgrounds and development are really strong, but if you wanted to avoid female-POV romance elements completely then I would wait on this one until you're in the mood to have a bit of tolerance for it.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [So I'm a bit lost. Are Han and Raisa related then? So they're related then? Anna Kathryn Carter This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ Yes, they're related, but so distantly that it hardly counts.

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It's been years since Hanalea married Alger. That would have been over 30 …more Yes, they're related, but so distantly that it hardly counts. That would have been over 30 generations.

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Probably more since people tended to marry young in this world. If each generation had 2 kids, and then those two kids had 2 kids, and so forth, 30 generations later, there would be over a billion people "related" to each other. See all 39 questions about The Demon King….

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 16, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. Hanalea's blood and bones, I just found a new obsession!! It's been a while since the last time I read YA fantasy, and I'd almost forgotten why I love this genre so much! The Demon King certainly had its flaws, but it was so riveting and bewitching that I lost the X-Factor final last night in order to finish it and I suspect I'm going to spend the following days lost in this series, with coffee and ice-cream as my sole companions!

Burn you social life! And by fun, I mean books. But his life changes dramatically when he gets in his hands an ancient serpent pendant that seems to wield powerful and forbidden magic associated with a war that happened a thousand years ago and almost destroyed the world. Hunted by the Queen's Guard for crimes he didn't commit and always on the run, he can't possibly imagine that perhaps the fate of the royal line and the queendom is in his hands.

Well, if you ask me, the lineage of queens is like a chain around my neck. She can feel that something bad will happen, that the wizards' influence on the queen is suspicious and she can't trust anyone but herself and her loyal friend and guard, Amon Byrne. She wants to do more that dance in fancy balls and nod her head while others make decisions for her queendom, she wants to prove that she is a worthy heir to the Gray Wolf bloodline. But war is coming and she doesn't know who's the enemy, so she follows her gut and tries her best for her people, before it is too late.

Before the wizards gain the upper hand once more. Why do we need to know what happened before we were born? It is true that it took me some chapters to adjust to the worldbuilding and get a grip on the story and the characters, but after a while I was absorbed in this intricate and fascinating world of adventures, intrigue and magic. I won't pretend I didn't notice the similarities between The Demon King and Falling Kingdoms , especially regarding the characters of Raisa and Cleo and their love interests, but Cinda Williams Chima 's writing style is original and her storytelling skills mark her as a great YA fantasy author!

I loved the way she entwined Han and Raisa's stories, adding interesting and important secondary characters and the events that happened hundreds of years ago, with the war between the wizards and the Demon King and the part queen Hanalea and the clans played. The magic is divided between clans and wizards, and they distrust each other, but they made a pact and bound themselves to the Vale queens and the good of the queendom.

Until recently. As you can tell, there was suspense and mystery and secrets waiting to come to light, there were so many things the protagonists didn't know and frankly, some of them were pretty obvious and I kept wondering how could they not see them. The The Demon King 's ambience was hypnotizing and vigorous at the same time, and you felt like it cast a spell on you and you couldn't put it down until you were allowed to.

The main characters were also alluring, they came from completely different backrounds and had different life goals, but both Raisa and Han were stubborn and resourceful and anything but meek. While I loved Raisa, I have one complaint; why did she keep wanting to kiss every boy in her radius? It was ok at first, but then it became ridiculous!! But don't judge her because of that, except her love life she was pretty mature and likeable! The weird thing is, I don't have a ship yet. There were flings but nothing meaningful and I was all in for the intriguing story and not the romance!

That doesn't happen often! Please guys, do yourself a favor and read this book! Well done, Cinda Williams Chima , well done! View all 35 comments. Sep 22, Eric Allen rated it did not like it. I only got four chapters in before I couldn't take it anymore. This book fails on every level possible and imaginable. Let me count the ways. No Hook. No plot. No tension. No conflict. No compelling characters or events. No protagonist. No antagonist. No emotion. No color. No life. No story. No desire to read ANY further. No refunds? My dislike for the book could be chalked up to the fact that I am a thirty-something adult and this is targeted at boys less than half my age, but I don't think that's it. Normally, when I review books I'll give a short synopsis, and applicable history of the writer or the book itself, and basically tell what I liked, what I didn't like, and what I downright hated about it.

I can't do that with this review as I only read four chapters of the book before setting it down, therefore I will be giving you my case as to why no one should ever read it by, instead, using examples from other books, and to be completely fair these books will be of the same genre: YA fantasy. This review was published in the April issue of the magazine I write for.

Joke or not, I believe that many of the points that I make DO have validity. So please, set aside your indignity if you have any, and simply enjoy what I have to say about this book. I realize that you may think I am worse than Hitler for bad-mouthing a supposed great and popular author, but it's just a book review.