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It relies on simplicity, long-term goals, patience, and adjustments. Realistic expectations will become your guiding prin- ciples. I am confident that my down-to-earth concept will help you change your lifestyle forever. And here is my four-point an- swer: First, and most important, my book offers practi- cal commonsense advice that will allow you to adopt the Draznin Plan into your daily living so as to achieve and maintain weight loss as well as to treat and prevent diabetes.

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Second, my book describes numerous real-life il- lustrative cases that will aid you in your quest for mean- ingful lifestyle changes. Third, my book provides a scientific background, for those who wish to explore it, describing how body weight is regulated and how we can therapeutically im- pact these regulatory mechanisms. Jeffrey K.

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Jeff was 6 feet tall, and weighed just over pounds. His shoulders slouched forward as he bent over his bulging belly. His left ankle rested over his right knee; this was because he could no longer cross his legs owing to a protruding stom- ach. This is the first time in my life I have to actively resist joining a club—a club of obese diabetics. Can you help me?

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Hotel breakfast buffets, business lunches, and din- ners had been his main diet for a number of years. Even back at home, he loved to take his family out to eat. He enjoyed ethnic foods and cold draft beer. A couple of times, he had thought he should eat a bit less, but he loved his food so much that the very idea of dieting was simply foreign to him.

Jeff had never been very athletic, but in his col- lege days he had loved to play touch-football and softball. He even thought he was quite good at these sports.

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He had known that many of the hotels where he stayed during his travels had health clubs, but he had never ventured out to any of them. As you just pointed out, you also have obesity, the second largest preventable cause of prema- ture death in this country. Only smoking causes more preventable deaths. There is a substantial probability that you can reverse your diabetes if you lose weight and re- turn to a more active lifestyle. Not a guarantee, but you have a great chance for success.

I will teach you to exercise, so that you will be able to walk up to three Draznin Miles a day, and to eat up to eighteen Draznin Calories a day. I will also teach you where and what to eat when you dine out, how not to be hungry, and how to make physical activity a part of your life.

You and I will have to introduce a lot of changes into your lifestyle, your attitude, and your commitment to health. I will guide you, but you will have to do the climbing to achieve our goal. There are plenty of difficulties and frustrations along the way. Jeff listened attentively, trying to guess what kind of changes he would have to implement, how much frus- tration he would have to endure, how much commitment he would have to make, and how much trust he would have to put in me and my program. You and I both know that you have to possess these exceptional qualities to navigate in the business world.

What we must do is apply the same qualities to your lifestyle, exactly as you have applied them to your business. You can spend an hour with me, hear my advice, and do with it whatever you wish. Take it or leave it, so to speak.

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An Introductory Case 15 Or, finally, you can decide to make a commitment to your own health, and work with me to improve it. Meanwhile, let me tell you a little bit about myself and acquaint you with the Draznin rules of life. My interest in diabetes may have been aroused by my own family history. My grandfather, my mother, and a maternal uncle had Type 2 diabetes. For over thirty years, from the day I finished medical school, I have been doing clinical and basic research in the field of diabetes, studying how insulin works and how to achieve the best control of this chronic disease.

I have also been trying to find the best dietary regimen for my patients. In the process, I have developed an approach to the problem of weight management that has been help- ful to the majority of my patients. I developed the concept of the Draznin Mile, in which the duration of activity, rather than the actual dis- tance covered, is the measure of exercise.

Later, I added the concept of the Draznin Calorie, in which any serv- ing of food containing calories is counted as one Draznin Calorie. Using this system and a dozen Draznin rules of lifestyle, eight out of every ten of my patients were able to lose weight, keep it down, and prevent or get rid of their diabetes. This is why I am ready to share my approach with millions of people who wish to lose weight and rid them- selves of their Type 2 diabetes.

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This page intentionally left blank C H A P T E R 3 Our Weight in Numbers 17 This page intentionally left blank he most amazing fact in the field of weight management is that the Toverwhelming majority of dieters in the United States do not need to lose weight, yet many people who do not need to lose weight are trying to do so.

In contrast, only a small number of sig- nificantly overweight people are on diets. This sounds like a paradox. The fact, however, remains—obese people are seldom on a diet. Not surprisingly, they give up. The present journal should be cited logy, clinical forensic medicine, forensic genetics, forensic to- as Scand J Forens Sci. References to journals or books should xicology, forensic anthropology, forensic odontology, forensic accord with the following examples: psychiatry and forensic science.

The journal is also open for debate on issues concerning legal medicine and for news from the societies. Minimum lethal dose of citalopram. Scand J Forens Sci ; 8: 2. Knight B. Forensic pathology. Sec ed.

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Madea B, Henssge C. Eye changes after death.

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In: Knight B letters to the editor and case reports may be submitted if they ed. The estimation of the time since death in the early post- are not being considered for publication elsewhere. The text e-mail: t. Photographs should be clear, black and white prints on glossy paper. Colour photographs may be accepted. Proofs should be re- Manuscripts should preferably be written in English letters turned by fax or express post within 48 hours or receipt.

Cor- to the editor and matters concerning the national societies of rections should be limited to typographical errors only. Reprints are not produced. The text should be typed in double-spacing on consecuti- vely numbered pages of uniform size, preferably A4. However, Norway has no central organisation responsible for the production and development of medi- colegal services. Furthermore, there is neither a formal education program nor a medical speciality in forensic medicine.

In short, why another book on operator algebras? More importantly, no other single reference covers all or even almost all of the material in this volume. Of course, in a subject as vast as this one, authors must make highly subjective judgments as to what to include and what to omit, as well as what level of detail to include, and I have been guided as much by my own interests and prejudices as by the needs of the authors of the more specialized volumes.

A treatment of such a large body of material cannot be done at the detail level of a textbook in a reasonably-sized work, and this volume would not be suitable as a text and certainly does not replace the more detailed treatments of the subject. Where an ar- gument can be given or summarized in just a few lines, it is usually included; longer arguments are usually omitted or only outlined.

More detail has been included where results are particularly important or frequently used in the sequel, where the results or proofs are not found in standard references, and XII Preface in the few cases where new arguments have been found. See the introduction to [Con94] for another excellent overview of the subject of operator algebras. Pedersen, N.

source Phillips, and S. Kahng, V. Deaconu, and A.