Guide Principles of Development

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Principles of development

Here we sharing Important notes on principle of child development. To identify and depicting growth and development with several patterns and processes are necessary Because it describes which mode and type of development are going on within children. With the help of given child development principles , we can easily identify how children are developing and on which stage they are?

Further Study can be done by keeping in mind about individual's similarities as well as individual differences.

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How knowledge and understanding of these principles would help you as a teacher?? Plato and Socrates: Qualities and traits are inborn and they just occur naturally regardless of environmental influences.

Principles for Digital Development

Locke and Tabula Rasa: He suggested mind starts as blank Slate means all we have been formed throughout all years of our life because of our experiences regardless of genetics influence. But in reality, there is an interaction between genes and environment. Nature and Nurture both affect the development of a person. Main thing if we want to understand the complexity of the living organism here stands for the human being is to study Genes, Environment and their interaction mean the interaction between Genes and Environment.

Complete study notes of child development.

Principles for Digital Development

Engage early to determine and quantify long-term costs of operating, maintaining, and supporting digital health systems for sustainable country ownership. Track investments, progress, learnings and successes in digital health systems in a transparent manner. Strengthen donor technical skills and core capacities, including awareness of the Principles for Digital Development. Strategies include components such as architecture, standards, investment frameworks, privacy protection, and detailed operational and monitoring plans.

Scalable, sustainable, accessible, interoperable, and evidence-based digital health global goods that meet country priorities. Diverse stakeholder information-sharing and peer-learning networks at country and regional levels to foster coordination and alignment of implementation activities. The below agencies and organisations have endorsed the Digital Investment Principles. Consistent with these value-based principles, the OECD also provides five recommendations to governments:.

They have set the international standard in a wide range of areas and helped governments design national legislation. The group consisted of representatives of 20 governments as well as leaders from the business, labour, civil society, academic and science communities.

A particular focus of the Recommendation is the development of metrics to measure AI research, development and deployment, and to gather the evidence base to assess progress in its implementation. The OECD AI Principles The Recommendation identifies five complementary values-based principles for the responsible stewardship of trustworthy AI: AI should benefit people and the planet by driving inclusive growth, sustainable development and well-being.

AI systems should be designed in a way that respects the rule of law, human rights, democratic values and diversity, and they should include appropriate safeguards — for example, enabling human intervention where necessary — to ensure a fair and just society.