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These aspects were analyzed with regard to the constructive parameters of the setup. In order to validate our analysis we also approached the problem experimentally. Design conclusions were drawn from this study. Qari, King Fahd Univ. Collisions of gas molecules with the walls of small pores in nanoporous materials can cause the width of gas absorption lines to become wider. Also, the effective absorption path lengths through the gas become longer due to multi-scattering within the nanoporous materials.

GAs in Scattering Media Absorption Spectroscopy GASMAS is an effective technique that can differentiate between the absorption from the gas within pores and the absorption from the bulk of scattering materials. The alumina samples are also characterized by scanning electron microscope and x-ray powder diffraction spectroscopy.

In this work, we will present the correlation between the pore size of the mesoporous alumina samples and the effective absorption path length as well as the width of the absorption line of molecular oxygen gas under different experimental conditions. Israel , Tower Semiconductor Ltd. An image sensor module ISM comprises a die that typically does not contain information chip ID about the manufacturer and specific process, as well as the and data for failure analyses.

Similar dice by different manufacturers may differ from each other by their quality and lifespan. Counterfeit ISMs usually exhibit lower performance and quality than the original ones.

Installing a counterfeit ISM in an imaging device may dramatically reduce its functionality and reliability. There is a growing need to authenticate the imagers. The standard Chip ID technology assumes disassembly of the image sensor chip from the ISM and reverse engineering, or a special electrical readout system, if the information was written in the embedded non-volatile memory.

Optical materials

We suggest a simple chip ID method that features luminescent elements introduced into the lenses and color filters of image sensor chip. Identification is performed without disassembling of the ISM. In addition, the use of the luminescent elements allows extending the spectral sensitivity of the ISMs with silicon image sensor dice. The design is patented and will be implemented in the new ISM generation.

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The impacts of surface plasmon resonance SPR on the angular spin splitting of light are investigated theoretically in the paper. The expression for the angular spin splitting shifts is derived, and the angular shifts as a function of the angle of incidence under different metal film thicknesses are calculated.

Selected Topics on Optical Fiber Technology

The simulation results manifest that the angular spin splitting is significantly enhanced when surface plasmons are strongly excited. Under the optimal parameter conditions, the largest angular shift is up to 4. It is also found that the directions of spatial propagation of photons in the out-of-plane can be switched by adjusting the angle of incidence under certain conditions.

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These effects provide a new approach for the study of photon manipulation and photon propagation behavior. Nowadays, lidar systems are widely used in many atmospheric research applications by taking advantage of the particular properties of lasers and the great progress made, both in the development of fast, low noise and high efficient photodetectors and in the sophistication of signal conditioning and processing.

A wide dynamic range is an essential feature for reliable operation of atmospheric lidar systems, mainly when the magnitude of the backscattered laser signal varies over many orders of magnitude. Therefore, the lidar detection chain must incorporate a device that ensures an extended dynamic range.

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This can be done using an amplification stage with a variable gain in the electronic detection chain. The amplification circuit developed consists mainly of two amplification stages in cascade, namely, low noise preamplifier LNP with a fixed gain and a variable gain amplifier VGA. Low noise, high speed, linearity of the frequency response and high stability are the main specifications pursued during the design. The noise factor, which can significantly affect the performance of the detection chain, is discussed along with the techniques used to reduce it. In addition, noise equivalent power NEP , signal-to-noise ratio SNR and minimum detection limit of the optical sensor achieved are presented.

By combining with the Doppler information, it can be used for the classification and accurate identification of traffic participants. Meanwhile, optical sensor based on such technology is easy to integrate with intelligent driving platform or intelligent traffic monitoring and control platform. This paper proposes a laser Doppler and micro-Doppler composite signal simulation scheme based on vehicle vibration characteristics. Laser Doppler and micro-Doppler composite signals in a platform state simulated by a horn and a one-dimensional mobile platform, and a reformed smooth pseudo-Wigner-Ville distribution analysis program is prepared for analysis.

Based on this, vibration and motion information are extracted, the laser echo signals are constructed effectively, and physical simulation for composite signal of optical sensor are able to perform. Diameter measurement is closely related to daily life. Wheels diameter will affect on the distance that can be reached by the atomotive products, turbine diameter needs to be precisely measured to be sure that the certain efficiency can be reached.

Furthermore, diameter is one of the elements for quality control in the mechanical production processes. The non-conformity of the diameter to the specification will cause imperfect rotation, wear on the engine, noises, alignment of the shafts and even accidents on the road. One of issues in modern metrology is the accuracy improvement of cylinder gauges setting and reference rings measurement. It is widely used for calibration and verification of measuring instruments such as bore gauges or high-precision horizontal comparators.

The national metrology institute NMI has the task of guaranteeing traceability of measurements within the country with the highest accuracy. According to the BIPM database www. This fact shows unequality of measuring capabilities among the countries in the world. To face the issues, this scientific research work has to be done to fullfill the needs on high accuracy internal diameter measurement.

Non-Contact method is well known as high-accuracy measurement method instead of contact method. The use of optical probe excludes such effect as the deformation effect of the artefacts. Another thing that we improve is the usage of He-Ne laser stabilized with I2 in the measuring system also to increase the accuracy and so reduce the uncertainty.

This research explains the sources of uncertainty in standard reference ring measurement and the efforts that can be done to reduce it to up to 50 nm. Finally, this research is very useful for industry, research institutions and of course the practitioners of metrology at NMIs to improve their internal diameter measurement system accuracy. Persisting in the large trend to enhance the Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy and the detection of evanescent waves, a silicon Schottky diode, shaped as a truncated trapezoid photodetector, and sharing a subwavelength pin-hole aperture, has been designed and simulated.

Using Finite Elements Method and 3D advanced simulations, the detector has been horizontally shifted across a vertically oriented Gaussian beam, which is projected on top of the device. Electro-optical simulations have been conducted.

Optical Fibre Pressure Sensors in Medical Applications

These results are promising towards the fabrication of a new generation of photodetector devices. Pinto, Univ. In this work, a relative humidity sensor based on a structure with multimode interference is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The fabrication of the sensor, involved two steps. The first step consisted on splicing a short section of coreless silica fiber CSF, supplied by Thorlabs to single mode fiber SMF , using the manual mode program of the splicing machine Fujikura 62 S.

The second step consisted in functionalizing the sensor with a hydrophilic agarose gel, through dip coating technique. These excited modes interfere with one another as they propagate along whole CSF length, giving rise to a multimode interference MMI. Since the effective refractive index of the agarose gel changes with the ambient relative humidity, as the environmental refractive index changes, the propagation constants for each guided mode within the CSF will change too, which leads to shifts in the output spectra.

The proposed sensor has a great potential in real time RH monitoring, exhibiting a large range of operation with good stability. This sensor can be of interest for applications where a control of high levels of relative humidity is required. The proposed sensor has a great potential in real time RH monitoring, particularly in environments with high percentages of moisture.

Electro-optical sensor

However, the environment should be carefully controlled to ensure the desired quality of the product. The proposed sensor presented good stability, low manufacturing cost and easy fabrication, being an alternative to other sensors. In sensing applications utilizing the effect of surface plasmon resonance SPR , a thin film of gold is widely used as the plasmonic layer. Despite advantages of gold over other metals, characterization of its optical properties is not sufficient as is evident from the measured responses at different angles of incidence.

In this paper, a new method of determining the optical constants of the thin golden layer is presented. The method is based on measuring the phase shift between p- and s- polarized optical waves induced by the SPR for air in the Kretschmann configuration with an SF10 glass prism and an SPR structure.