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They both survived a tragic past being used as bait bears in dog fights. Perhaps that's what made their friendship so strong? Leela and Bhoori would often explore and play together, and recently gave staff a bit of a scare. One day during routine checks, staff members weren't able to see Leela anywhere - with the enclosure being lush and dense with vegetation, she was very hard to spot.

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After a thorough search, they found her sleeping soundly in a den she built herself as a sort of hibernation shelter, with Brave Bhoori sitting outside, keeping watch over her as she slept, just like loving sisters. We are very glad that Leela was able to out the rest of her life in the peace and tranquillity of Balkasar sanctuary, all thanks to people like you. She was a sweet, friendly bear, and she will be sadly missed.

While Leela will always hold a special place in our hearts, there are other bears that urgently need our care.

You don't need a big house. Just a big heart. Adopt a bear. At least she had some happy final years with you.

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I am more than happy to adopt Bhoori and hope a friend can be found to keep her company. Keep up the good work! But alas!

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Surrender – the Disappearing Act

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Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. The deal was that we write about our favourite class, and I found that I could not decide which class to write about.

When the time came that I really had to write this blog before Joe killed me stone dead, I thought again about the classes I had seen, led and taken part in and there was so much to choose from. I had watched someone entirely new to improvisation beautifully portray the grief of mother who has lost their child, I saw a group of brain-fried three-day-in improv-addicts surrender themselves to movement improvisation and create stage pictures of astonishing beauty, I winced at mimed torture and guffawed over and over again at the plain dumb and the dazzlingly sophisticated.

I had seen and loved so much that to write about one would feel like betraying all the others. I thought about it again and realised that for me Osho is not about the individual classes, much though they are fun, but about the strange combinations of classes that people take and the equally strange combination of people in each group.

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Each student creates their own pathway through the festival, and that means each class is refreshed by new combinations of people and the influences of the classes they have taken. Who has been doing longform and deconstruction, who has been taking a character, who has been singing? In ways you could not fully understand, all of it feeds into everything else. The timetable is chaotic, fragmented, impossible to keep in your head.

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  8. The content of two classes might seem as far from each other as one could possibly imagine, but each class feeds into the next, each skill gained or boundary tested is something that can be taken onto the next class. Being at the festival has a glorious feeling of being lost in improvisation, swimming and struggling, bouncing to the surface for a bit, then drifting under, half drowning before spluttering back above the surface.