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The Hispanic Marketing Communication course includes applying critical thinking to todays diverse marketing environment.

Florida State University Offers Online Certification in Hispanic Marketing Communications

It is specially designed to introduce participants to what it means to be Hispanic in the US. The class is enhanced with updated case studies and allows participants to share their thoughts and opinions while facilitating networking opportunities and mutual collaboration. By the end of the course, participants shoe their understanding with the creation of a strategic document or a vertical paper for a product, service, or industry of their choice.

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This class is appropriate for all levels. From marketing beginners to seasoned men and women.

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It is particularly recommended for professionals currently addressing the Hispanic market, or those who would like to start a Hispanic marketing initiative. If treated as its own economy, the combined buying power of Latinos and Hispanics in the U. Find out how a not-for-profit health system in Texas reaches its Spanish-speaking population. Marketing Healthcare Services to Generation X.

10 Best Practices for Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

Marketing Healthcare to Men. The latest issue of our guidebook for healthcare marketers offers fresh ideas and expert perspective to inform your consumer and physician engagement strategies. Start Reading Now! Successfully marketing to Hispanic and Latino communities requires a thorough understanding of language, culture, and the intersection of the two. Hispanic vs. Latino vs. Spanish Crafting Spanish-language versions of your marketing materials may seem like a good starting point when reaching out to Hispanic or Latino audiences.

Cultural Longevity and Mobility Though the U.

Understand the difference between Hispanic and Latino

The similarities in the treatment of the topic are useful because they have shown to help readers become immersed in the consumer mindset of the Latino culture. In 6 years we have witnessed major economic downturns and changes in the attitudes of many Americans toward Hispanics and immigrants. Many of these changes have been unfortunate but have contributed to the emergence of a new identity and to a new social cohesion among Latinos. Further, the processes of acculturation and assimilation have become more complex on one hand and on the other they have become less important in how we look at Hispanic consumers in the US.

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Several chapters in this new treatment of the subject deal with these issues. As the Latino population of the US matures and becomes more native than immigrant, the way in which we study it has to change. One thing, however, remains the unifying factor that makes pursuing this rich market feasible and productive, and that is the Hispanic culture that is shared at the most intimate levels of being. Here is where the opportunity resides. This book is organized as the content calls for priorities. First is an understanding of the market with its idiosyncrasies and richness, including issues of culture, language, and psycho-socio-cultural phenomena.

Then the book proceeds to deal specifically with cultural insights that make a difference. These are the kernels of cultural connection that allow marketers to establish links with many Latinos simultaneously. These are precisely the elements that make marketing to Hispanics rewarding and profitable. This book further explains how many of these insights can be obtained and the numerous issues that need to be considered in attempting to better understand the market via research.

As a corollary, this volume talks about the Hispanic marketing industry and concludes with important trends of online Latino behavior.

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