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Edition 1st Edition. Trans Day of Visibility is another great day to celebrate.

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For Trans Day of Remembrance , hold a space for students to process their emotions and to reflect on the frequency of violence and hatred that is experienced by members of the trans community. Keep in mind that some of your students may know victims of transphobic violence, so that this might be a tough day for them. June, aka Pride Month , is another time to celebrate gender and sexuality diversity, but because a lot of students are away over the summer, it will take some planning to integrate Pride celebrations into programming throughout the year — while also acknowledging ways to celebrate during June itself.

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Many institutions celebrate Campus Pride Month in April. How else do you promote gender inclusiveness? Drop us a line at HelloPresence. She loved being an RA to first-year-in-college students. She also tap dances for fun. Learn how we can help get your students involved. Presence makes student engagement software for universities and colleges that insist on a world class campus culture. Simplify complicated and inconsistent practices by standardizing how involvement opportunities are structured and advertised. Collect and verify participation information with mobile devices to better understand student engagement.

Visually identify trends, compare effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions to better engagement, improving retention. Reach students where they are - on web and mobile - with branded assets that get students involved. Design, build, and map learning outcomes to experiences and gamify involvement with our SmartTranscript. Featured Success Stories Lynn University. Tulsa Community College. Valdosta State University.

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Normalize pronoun sharing Student leaders tend to know and talk to a lot of people. Create resources for learning When student leaders interact with their peers through tabling, going door-to-door, or by posting bulletin boards , they can work to make these moments educational. Make your spaces inviting Student leaders can create inviting spaces within the programs they host in simple, but highly meaningful, ways.

DIY pin making Students get an affirmative experience of decorating and displaying their pronouns on a pin, which they can then put on their backpacks, outerwear, or wherever they choose. Market events to everyone Consider how you might be using gender stereotypes to inform your programming. Miami University students showcasing their pride This should be balanced with events that recognize the difficulties many people face when coming out. Subscribe and get original articles like these each week. As a result of the war, postponement has become increasingly more difficult for male students due to the disruption of their postsecondary studies.

As the call to arms from the Syrian government looms in front of them, they often choose to demonstrate against the government or to flee from Syria. Older males also feel immense pressure to fight, if not for the Syrian government then for the opposition groups. Once males make the decision to flee, the migratory journey is often difficult because of the potential for persecution, violence, robbery, or arrest.

The likelihood of safe passage increases if they have families. Although safety ensues when they cross the border of a host country, often times the next hurdle is the stigma of being a Syrian male. This creates heightened feelings of sadness, anxiety, and perceived discrimination. Without greater measures in place by public policy officials, male defectors displaced in Syria will continue to live in fear of persecution, arrest, torture, and death from government forces.

Meanwhile, those that flee will continue to find it difficult to acculturate in a host country due to the stigma associated with them as potentially violent individuals or terrorists. Outside nations can speak out against the atrocities committed against military defectors and place pressure or additional sanctions on the Syrian government to hold them accountable. Nations can also create public awareness on the plight of military defectors so that the stigma associated with Syrian males in host countries is reduced.

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Lastly, humanitarian workers, mental health professionals, and healthcare providers can be educated on the vulnerabilities Syrian men face so as to provide greater emotional support, which stands to reduce physical health complaints and allows them to be more integral in society. This latter point is important because in a patriarchal society such as Syria, males are expected to be the primary financial provider.

Not only does this serve to reduce long-term healthcare costs to the host country, but once a refugee is approved to work, it creates more production in the workforce. The war in Syria has fractured the lives of women.

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Alongside the hardships of a disrupted postgraduate education and career, women worry about providing food, medication, and clothing for their children. They also express concern about gender-based violence GBV. This type of violence includes rape, forced prostitution, sexual exploitation, physical violence, forced marriage, and trafficking.