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CRMs have a broad range of set-up requirements, from integrations to data migration. Built-in features come with your CRM, whereas integrations bring in an outside tool. Fundly CRM offers nonprofits an incredibly comprehensive solution for managing nearly all of their fundraising needs, from data management to communications to event planning and more. With Salsa, your nonprofit can take care of all of efforts under one roof to provide you with well-rounded insights into your performance.

While many organizations purchase and integrate different solutions together to create a complete software ecosystem, CharityEngine provides this full toolset from the get-go. They offer donor management, fundraising tools, marketing automation, event management, advocacy tools, and more. Streamline data easier with a more connected and less expensive CharityEngine system. The less data you have to transfer, the faster the switch will go for more data cleaning tips, click here.

Data migration is complex and time consuming. Select a point-person to lead the migration charge so you can be sure you always have someone dedicated to overseeing the process and available to answer staff questions. Data migration can be a long process, and it has the potential to affect your internal operations.

2. Complete a feasibility study for your capital campaign.

Keeping your staff informed about when and how they could be affected creates more transparency and gets everybody on the same page so that the transition runs more smoothly. Rank your data according to how necessary it is to bring along, and only take what you need to speed up the process.

To make the migration process more manageable, split up your data and migrate in stages, starting with the most crucial pieces of data. Transferring in stages will also make the migration process easier on your staff, as only certain pieces of information will be unavailable at various times. Given that data migration can be such an involved process, errors are bound to occur at some point.

You should have a secure backup of your data in full in case any issues arise. Establish a clear timeline, implement checkpoints to help manage the process, and set a specific end date to ensure the process is contained and efficient.

Nonprofit CRM vendors provide training options to help organizations learn the platform. Most vendors offer at least two options: pre-recorded training and live, customized training.

The Ultimate Fundraising Event Checklist: 17 Actionable Steps

Pre-recorded training is usually free, while customized training usually comes at a cost. However, you might also want to invest in customized training, too. Your CRM is a highly complex and feature-rich piece of software. That way, there will be a continuous, conscious effort to learn your software. Vendors regularly introduce software updates to correct bugs and keep software compatible with ever-advancing technology. To ensure your software is always functioning up to speed, look out for CRM updates from your vendor.

If your CRM ever runs into technical difficulties, your organization will need to enlist the help of an IT consultant. However, IT support can come at a cost. Set aside a maintenance budget in advance so that issues can be addressed in a timely manner. The longer your software is down, the more opportunities you could be missing out on! It can be hard to leave things behind, especially when funds could be on the line!

Leaving duplicate entries could cause you to double up on tasks by accident. Therefore, your staff should be using strong passwords in their account credentials and avoid sharing their passwords with other employees. Once a year, ask constituents to confirm their contact information and to provide you with updated info if anything has changed.

Type up a document outlining standardized data entry procedures. When staff are entering all data in the same way, your database will be cleaner, and it will be easier to search for information and teach new staff members the platform. If your donor data is constantly changing, set up a weekly or monthly time to update your backup to the latest version.

Check out this curated list of the best free and low-cost nonprofit CRM solutions on the market from our friends at Pay! One of the ways a nonprofit CRM software can benefit your organization is by helping you to plan fundraising events. Take a look at this resource from Aly Sterling about fundraising consultants and when to bring one on board. Fundly is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to raise money for whatever your cause may be.

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Understand the Basics 2. Enter All Constituent Data 4. Improve Your Efforts 6. Identify the Right CRM 8. Compare the Top CRMs 9. Maximize CRM Function Top Tips. Tip Download Now. Types of Constituents. Constituent Information.

Request a Free Trial Today. Personal Details. Philanthropic Details. To learn more about all types of fundraising software, check out this guide! Step 1: Start by Strategizing Before you can begin narrowing down your options, your organization should form a clear idea of what you need from a CRM. Step 2: Get Input from Future Users Getting feedback from your staff and the various people whose roles the CRM will affect is crucial to decision-making.

Step 3: Determine Number of Users This step is somewhat related to the previous one.

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Step 4: Count Constituents Just as with number of users, the number of constituents a CRM can house often influences software price. Step 5: Consider Setup CRMs have a broad range of set-up requirements, from integrations to data migration. Salsa Labs. View more top CRM solutions! Get started with Fundly CRM!

The last two months of the year are hectic enough for most event creators. Now is the time for your organization to take stock of its fundraising goals and how best to meet them if falling short. But you can with a watertight plan — starting with this guide. People are excited to support a cause, but they also want to have a great time.

How to Plan a Charity Walk or Run | Active Network

Click To Tweet. Tip: Get your creativity flowing with this list of unique fundraising ideas. A budget will help keep your costs in perspective and get more for your money. Make sure it includes every single detail — from the venue to the catering to the parking valets. Always leave a little room in your budget for the unpredictables.

Better to exceed your goals than have them eaten into by unforeseen expenses.

About Fundraising

Tip: Check out the tactical advice in this post to master your event budget — and spend more money on the cause. Some venues might be willing to discount or event donate their space to be associated with a good cause. If you have any flexibility with your date, it can help secure a venue at a lower cost.

Keep in mind, though, that your venue should infuse your event with flair. Tip: Use this list of questions to vet your venue before signing a contract. Sponsorship is a billion dollar industry. If you can get a piece of that pie, more of the money your nonprofit raises can be used for charitable causes instead of catering. Although it may sound heartless, sponsorship is not philanthropy. If you want to build a strategic relationship with sponsors , get to you know your attendees better and how your event can help them achieve their specific business goals. The more you can prove that your event attendees are their target market, the more revenue you can generate from sponsors.

Tip: Check out this three-step framework for nonprofit sponsorships to learn more. Advancement in event technology has made it easier for people to find events and purchase a ticket or registration. Eventbrite, for example, provides tools to track ticket sales and donations in real time from any device. With those reports and data at your fingertips, you can get more back for your buck.