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Exploring discrete mathematics with Maple. Introduction to Maple.

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Princeton University Press. Physics for game developers. Skip to main content Skip to main Navigation. Search Form. Secondary Menu. Arrowsmith, C. Gustafson Dover Publications c Partial differential equations of mathematical physics and integral equations Ronald B. Zakharian, Gary M. Webb Elsevier c 65M99 The theory of fundamental processes : a lecture note volume R. Feynman W. Dover Publications.

Ronald B. Oxford University Press. The analog of the Laplace Beltrami operator will be introduced. Some properties of this operator will be listed. Reference: J.

Homeomorphism groups of manifolds and Erdos space

Pearson, J. OA] J. A spectral metric space is the noncommutative analog of a compact metric space, while the dynamic is represented by one homeomorphisms.

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It will be shown that this extension is possible if and only this homeomorphism is conjugate to an isometry. In the tiling space this homeomorphism is hyperbolic and does not respect the metric. To overcome this difficulty, we will propose to use a method initiated by Connes and Moscovici in , namely the use of the metric bundle over a manifold, on which all diffeomorphism becomes an isometry. Reference: Bellissard J.

Gaetano Fiore On the relation between quantum mechanics with a magnetic field on R n and on a torus T n We consider a scalar charged quantum particle on R n subject to a background U 1 gauge potential A. Giovanni Landi Gauge fields over non-commutative manifolds Starting from monopoles and instantons as connections on bundles over spheres, we arrive to very natural deformations of spaces and bundles. Pier Alberto Marchetti Quantum logic and non-commutative geometry We propose a general scheme for the "logic" of elementary propositions of physical systems, encompassing both classical and quantum cases, in the framework given by Non Commutative Geometry.

Jean Luc Sauvageot K-theory and homology on fractal spaces The idea is to use the tools provided by noncommutative geometry to investigate the geometrical structure of fractal spaces, of which the prototype is the Sierpinsky Gasket in the plane. From this starting point, we shall propose three ways to get a hint on the geometry of the space: The first one is the natural Fredholm module associated with the differential calculus in the tangent space.

The second one is the Riesz duality between vector fields and differential forms.

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We shall propose a theory of differential one-forms and their integrals along paths in the Gasket, in order to get a homological approach of fractal spaces. The last topic will consist in proposing an alternative way to get Fredholm modules by "deconstructing the Gasket", and show how the theory of A. Connes' Dixmier traces allows to recover the whole geometry from those Fredholm modules, through trace formulas or residue formulas.

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