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The problem can occur because the control system sensors are of sufficient bandwidth to sense the structural vibrations as well as the rigid-body motion of the aircraft. This sensed structural vibration can result in further excitation of the structure through both aerodynamic and inertial excitation, leading to a potential closed-loop instability.

At present, such an unstable interaction is prevented by the inclusion of notch filters within the feedback path which have a detrimental effect on the aircraft's rigid-body performance. The current clearance procedure is restricted by a poor understanding of the array of complex issues involved.

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The aim of the project was to develop a clearer understanding of the interactions between system components leading to a reduction in the clearance requirements. Work has concentrated on the effects of system nonlinearities and on the digital nature of modem control systems. A major source of nonlinearities within the control system are the servo-hydraulic actuators. Through detailed actuator modelling confirmed by rig testing of actual hardware, these nonlinearities are analysed and a method for predicting the response of the actuators in the presence of two input signals proposed.

As a result, it is demonstrated that an unstable structural oscillation would cause a limit-cycle oscillation as opposed to an unbounded response.

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Physics-Based Models for Aeroservoelasticity Prediction and Control, Phase II

The beam is discretised leading to a nodal model and the modal analysis is then performed. The modal model is expressed in the state-space form and its order is reduced to enable optimal sensor placement and active damping control. The aeroservoelastic model of the ASTER 30 missile is further refined for control purposes by optimally choosing actuator inputs together with the number and position of sensors to be mounted on the missile airframe.

Aeroservoelastic Predictive Analysis Capability

Once these choices are made, several variants of active vibration damping control are proposed and analysed in order to enable an extended bandwidth for the autopilot by countering the airframe deformation measured by these sensors. Size: Format: PDF. Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.

An alternative approach to aeroservoelastic design and clearance

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